Gene + Sue Kosinski

History of Farm + Owners


Gene and Sue, owners of Kosinski Farms started their farming careers in the mid-seventies in Feeding Hills, MA.  The farm still remains in the family with shared ownership between Gene and his son Michael.  With the desire to purchase additional land, Gene + Sue entered a partnership and purchased a location in Westfield, MA.  This location serves as the Kosinski's home, farmstand, winery, and packing and shipping facility for the business.

Gene studied various biological sciences at the University of Massachusetts, including  botany and soil science.  Along with years of working and developing the farm he worked for a large plant nursery honing additional skills of raising all types of plants and shrubs.  Gene also worked for the USDA developing conservation programs and assisting other farmers in Massachusetts.  An active member of the Massachusetts Fruit Growers Association, he continues to work with the UMass Extension Service by testing different pruning and growing styles of apples.  In conjunction with his affiliation with UMass, Gene gives annual presentations and lectures on blueberries for the small fruit growers.  He  spent several years teaching high school science.  But his passion has always been and remains his farm!

Sue started at the University of Massachusetts studying plants and floriculture.  She finished her Bachelors Degree at Mount Holyoke in science and earned a Masters in Educational Technology.  Sue  continues to teach science and run the farm stand but, admits her most rewarding experiences are those she shares with her seven grandchildren.  Several of who you will find working at the farm stand during the summer months.