Hand-crafted Wines


Why choose our wine

 Wine production is one of our newest additions to Kosinski Farms.  Our own hand-crafted wines are a combination of nature's harvest and the magic of scientific know how.   All the produce, including the fruits and berries for our wines are sustainably grown here at Kosinski Farms with the environment and our community in mind.    The wine is processed and bottled next door at our winery, Raven Hollow Winery by our very skilled and talented vintner, Mike.   

Wines presently available


Apple Wine - Greeted on the nose with soft, ripe apple.  A smooth, clean flavored wine with only natural sweetness from the fruit, balanced with gentle acidity.  Pair with brie or gruyere cheese.

Sweet Apple - Clean with apple and hints of honeysuckle on the nose.  Medium bodied with approachable sweetness, balanced with natural acidity and a medium finish.  Pair with a mild to medium spiced sausage or pork.

Blackberry Wine – Dark, rich, berry aromas leap from the glass while the flavors remind me of my Grandmother's blackberry pie, if it was to be served in liquid form. This blackberry wine is always a pleasure to be enjoyed with friends and family. Blackberry wine pairs nicely with stronger meats such as; lamb, grass fed beef or elk.  If served with dessert this wine is the perfect complement to chocolate torte.

Blueberry Explosion - Our barrel aged blueberry wine, this intriguing wine presents with notes of vanilla and toffee on the nose followed by intense blueberry and mocha flavors.  This medium bodied wine is well balanced with good acidity from the fruit and a lengthy finish.  Pair with a medium-rare filet mignon or some of the stronger-flavored cheeses.

Cherry Wine – Awaken your tastebuds with this seductively intense expression of deep berry sweetness that melts in your mouth.  This full-bodied red has the acidity of many traditional reds with the unmistakable flavors of cherries. If  you’re entertaining or planning a romantic picnic, cherry wine pairs great with cheese — try a blue cheese, a cheddar or Gruyère. 

Peach Wine - Hint of caramel along with subtle peach on the nose, this wheat colored wine balances the sweetness with acidity and a medium finish.  Pair this with your favorite pastry and long conversation.

Plum Wine - Not your typical syrupy-sweet plum wine!  A beautiful, clean ruby color, this wine presents with ripe plum on 

the nose and then intense semi-sweet plum on the palate followed by a crisp finish.  Enjoy with paté or bready hor-dourves.

Raspberry Wine - True to the fruit it’s made from, this is a bold wine with an intense raspberry aroma and flavor.  This fruit forward, medium bodied wine is semi-sweet and nicely balanced with natural acidity with a fruity, long, ‘dog-days of summer’ type finish.
Strawberry Wine - A medium bodied wine that boldly presents with ripe strawberry on the nose.  A balanced flavor of strawberry preserves with a delightful, lingering finish. Pair with cheesecake and dark chocolate.
Strawberry Rhubarb - Our best selling wine!  This semi-sweet, medium bodied wine starts with a delightful strawberry notes on the nose then follows with strawberry and slight tartness of rhubarb on the palette followed by an elegant finish.  This refreshing alternative pairs well with light seafood dishes and fresh salads.