CSA - Community SuPPORTED Agriculture


What is a CSA?

Although we did not start our CSA offerring until 2011, CSA has its origin back in in the 1960’s in the countries of Switzerland, Germany, and Japan.  With the reduction of farm land, consumers voiced concern about the quality of the produce and the point of origin of the produce they were consuming.  CSA provides a local distribution of produce with a guarantee of quality and freshness.  

When you become a member of the Kosinski Farms CSA family  we commit to raising your food with sustainable and environmentally responsible practices.  We guarantee that your food will be  grown and harvested locally.

As a member of a CSA you will receive a weekly share of vegetables and fruits while also agreeing to the risks and benefits that come with farming.  A growing season can bring an abundance of produce, but on occasion it can have less than ideal conditions.  We, as the  CSA grower, will do our best to provide you with the best crop possible for any given season.  You in return share the harvest.

CSA Season

Our season starts with the first pick of strawberries, usually the second week of June and continues through the middle of October.   These dates are contingent on the weather and may need to be adjusted.

Share a recipe

The variety of produce you receive each week will vary and may sometimes include produce that you are not familiar with.  Please share you favorite recipes and we will make these accessible to all of our CSA members.

CSA member suggestion box

We welcome your suggestions to better provide you with a CSA that contains produce tailored more to your family needs.  Also, your input on our customer service and quality will be most appreciated.